Simple Things you have to do

Install the LoraTracker on your bike. Install the mobile app. Park your bike in confidence.

How does it work?

Park your bike. When you and your smart-phone leave sight of the bicycle the tracker will be locked in the position you left it automatically, of course you can lock it manually, if you want, by pressing a button in the app. If for any reason your bike changes it's position you will be notified on your smart-phone. Click the notification and the real-time position of your bike will be displayed on the map.


The tracker uses LoRa for communicating it's position to our servers.


The tracker uses GPS positioning on the map.


The tracker uses Bluetooth for connecting to your smart-phone.


The tracker uses an accelerometer to determine movement.

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Our advantages

There are many trackers available in the market today, but our tracker will have a better battery life, a smaller price and there will be no subscription to a mobile data provider needed.


Our tests show that the battery will last up to two months in normal conditions and 2 days if the bike gets stolen, enough time to find it.


We estimate the price of the tracker to be under 50$. We can't be sure until we start mass production. Still we know that's in the ballpark.


By using LoRa as opposed to GSM for communication we save the cost of a subscription to a mobile provider and battery life for the tracker.


We will make sure the tracker will be close to impossible to remove from the bike without using the proper tools we will be providing for this.

Our Team

Andrei Chiricescu

Product Development

Vukasin Spasic

Hardware Development

Alex Maiereanu

iOS Development

Mihai Rebegea

Android Developer

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